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Politicians at the Northern Ireland Assembly are to get a pay rise of nearly 5,000 from April 2013, 108 MLAs will get an 11% increase to 48,000.
MLAs basic pay is currently 43,101
MLAs who are committee chairs get another 11,331
Deputy chairs get an extra 5,667
While the rest of us go without.
It will be funded by a reduction in MLA office expenses which are being cut from 75,857 to 69,238.
At a time when the country is in recession and thousands of people are out of work, many struggling to pay their bills, the elderly wondering how they are going to heat their homes, we have these greedy politicians taking a pay rise.


One MLA in particular thinks this is a great idea, Greedy South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo. Hong Kong born Lo said: I think a pay rise for MLAs is justified. Our pay has been fixed since 2003, so the proposed increase will work out at 1% over 10 years. Its just not the right time when people are losing jobs and homes and graduates ca…